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Journey Church is a rapidly growing, cutting edge church in Norman, OK. With the vision “to see cities transformed, one life at a time,” Journey Church strongly believes it is essential to develop high-capacity leaders and connect them to highly compassionate causes. Pastor Clark’s vision for this ministry is to equip leaders to transform culture through biblical leadership training. At Journey Church, we’re looking for people who can contribute to our team. This is a calling and a privilege… and it is an opportunity to be empowered to reach your God-given potential and dreams. We desire to rise up a generation of world changers and influential leaders. As an intern, your personal development is of utmost importance. We want to see you impact lives and see families transformed through the power of the gospel. We want you to have ministry experience, as well as a glimpse into the life of someone in ministry. You will gain valuable experience while working alongside Journey Church staff.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Partner alongside the innovative staff of JourneyChurch
  2. Receive hands on ministry training
  3. Attend weekly discipleship and leadership development meetings
  4. Be trained in creative approaches to reach and serve people
  5. Learn from a variety of development tools and guest speakers
  6. Discover more about your gifts and passions
  7. Gain knowledge in every day church operations
  8. Meet other interns and experience genuine friendship

Weekly routines will vary depending on your area of ministry and focus. Here is a brief snapshot of what can be expected in your personal development:

  • Personal teaching directly from Pastor Clark
  • Development sessions with pastoral staff members
  • Training to complete a Personal Development Plan
  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment
  • Strength of Influence Report (SOI)
  • Teamwork Ministry Assignments
  • Specific Ministry-Area Training
  • Strength Finders Assignment
  • Weekly Internship bible teaching
  • Spiritual Fasting
  • Community Outreach
  • Participation in JourneyChurch Life Group
  • Physical Fitness

  • Internship Qualifications and Expectations

    The following qualifications must be met in order to apply for an internship:

  • A commitment to Jesus Christ
  • A genuine desire to uphold the expectations written below
  • A longing to grow in faith, discipleship, leadership and ministry experience
  • A minimum of 18-years-old (interns vary between high school graduates, college students, seminary graduates and professionals interested in fulltime ministry)

  • Interns at JourneyChurch are held to the following expectations:

  • Agreement to the vision, mission and values of JourneyChurch
  • Fully complete and submit the Internship Application
  • Abide by the Internship Code of Conduct (included in the Application)
  • Committed to 20 hours per week (days vary per department)
  • Serve at the weekend worship experiences on Sundays
  • Attend all ministry meetings as scheduled and communicated by your supervisor
  • Assist in all areas of assimilation, as needed
  • Participate in the planning and execution of all church-wide events
  • Be a positive team member within the internship department
  • Have a submissive spirit to all leadership within the church
  • Able to maintain a professional appearance and comply with the staff dress code
  • Able to provide personal transportation to/from internship commitments

  • FAQ's

    How do I apply?

    Right here on this website!

    Does JourneyChurch provide housing and transportation?

    No. All interns are responsible for securing their own housing and transportation.

    What does it cost to be an intern?

    An open, excited and willing heart. A teachable spirit. A tank of gas.

    Are internships paid?

    No. All internships are unpaid positions.

    What is a typical weekly schedule?

    Each week will vary, depending on your area of focus. You will discuss your schedule with your overseer and plan your week according to your availability (we understand you might have inflexible work or class schedules!). Sundays, you are required to be at your campus’ worship experiences.

    Do I get time off?

    This varies and will be discussed with your overseer. You will definitely have two days per week with no expectations (most likely Friday and Saturday, depending on your ministry of focus). There are also certain holidays that our offices close to observe. Sick days are obviously provided when necessary. Fall and spring semester interns receive one week of time off [5 days]. We are aware of unexpected emergencies and accommodate these on an individual basis.

    Can I choose the department or area of ministry that I’d like to serve in?

    On your application, you may select preferred area of service. If that desired position is filled already, you may be offered a different area of focus.

    Will I receive college credit for my participation in this Internship Program?

    If your current college or university offers internship opportunities, we will work directly with your counselors and/or professors to ensure you meet all the necessary requirements to receive your credits. You are required to pay your course fees directly to your college/university and we will provide all necessary paperwork required by your college/university.

    How will I be developed during my internship?

    It is our staff’s desire to develop you through your ministry experience. This includes:

    Personal teaching directly from Pastor Clark Development sessions with staff pastors
    Personal Development Plan training Participation in a JourneyChurch Life Group
    Spiritual Gifts Assessment Teamwork Ministry Assignments
    Specific Ministry-Area Training Strengths Finders Assessment
    Weekly Devotions Community Outreach
    Spiritual Fasting Physical Fitness

    Note: All interns gather for Weekly Development Meetings at 7:00am at the Moore Offices iLounge
    (2900 S. Telephone Road | Moore OK | 73160). Breakfast will be provided.

    Weekly Breakdown of Hours:

    5 Hours Sunday AM Worship Experiences

    3 Hours Physical Development (Fitness)

    2 Hours Personal Development

    13 Hours Specific Ministry Focus

    Total: 23 Hours

    Fitness is considered personal time

    Personal Development is a weekly meeting where all interns are together. Here, they will be developed through books, discussions, bible study, guest speakers and various exercises.