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August 18, 2017

Reimagine - Devo 4


The “What Just Happened?” of Worship

Author: Clark Mitchell


In Acts 9, when Saul has his encounter with God, it is a dramatic, Game-of-Thrones sight to say the least! There is a bright light, dust in the road, a leader fallen to the ground, an invisible voice, and a whole lot of guys standing there asking, “What just happened?”

Fair question.

Saul’s response to the invisible voice, was a response of worship, “Yes, Lord.” It was right then and there that he acknowledged the Lordship of a mighty God. His doing so had a profound effect on his helpers. If it hadn’t, they would have all ran away.

When God allows tricky things to happen in our lives, it is easy to say, “God, what just happened?” However, we have to know that in that moment, everyone, and I mean everyone, is watching. It’s an opportunity for us to show worship in the midst of seemingly challenging times. When we do so, people will take notice!!!

Question: What situation do you need to be careful to worship in, so that it can effect those around you?


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