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August 17, 2017

Reimagine - Devo 3


The “but God…” Of Worship

Author: Clark Mitchell


We always love the idea of worship when it includes euphoric pleasures for our own five senses. The peace, the joy, the hope, the satisfaction of loving on God, and the list goes on. But when our call to worship puts our safety, pleasure, or lives at risk, we quickly say, “but God…” As if God is missing something that we see, and he doesn’t.

While Saul is on the road to Damascus, God begins to deal with the heart of a “true worshipper” named Ananias. Ananias was a God fearing man, a worshipper, a great believer, a great example of what it meant to be a Godly man, but Ananias freaked out when his call to worship, was a call to a dangerous place.

God was calling Ananias to go worship with Saul. The plan was that in that moment, God’s presence would be so good, that it would restore Saul’s eyesight!! God was going to use Ananias for a supernatural miracle, yet he was still saying, “but God…”

I wonder how many miracles are missed on planet Earth because of our reluctance to worship in the dangerous places? How many times have we disqualified the call to worship because it was to go somewhere that didn’t make sense, with someone who wasn’t “ready, or qualified, or…(the list goes on).”

The bottom line is that God has put us in gross, dark, lost, hopeless places…not as a punishment to our lives, but as a call on our lives. He gives us a call to take our worship there. He gives us a call to take His presence there. He gives us a call to take His power, His love, His mercy there, but we usually miss it with a, “but God.…”

Worship itself is a privilege. How much greater of a privilege is it to take His presence to the hopeless, the poor, and the hurting?

He not only gives us a call, he gives us the opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of something that will change all of eternity and the course of history on earth itself.

Question: Where is God calling you to take your worship to that you are being reluctant?  What area in your life do you need to drop the “but God….”


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