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I remember when we found out we were expecting our first child. It was a celebration. We were excited. Our families were excited. Our friends were excited. Granted, at the time, my wife didn’t look any different than she had the day before… the only thing that had changed was we found out there was a baby growing inside her. But she was “expecting” – and that changed everything.

The next several months we transformed a spare bedroom into a nursery. We bought a crib. We researched 1,000 different car seats to make sure we got the right one. We bought a stroller. We bought little outfits. Blankets. Burp cloths. Toys. Diapers – and more diapers – and more diapers… after all, we were expecting a child. Our expectancy led to action. Can you imagine if we had waited until our child was born to start doing things? It would’ve been a disaster.

The Bible is full of passages talking about having expectancy for God to do something. Even in my own life, I talk about expectancy. But the question I want to throw out there today is this – does my expectancy lead to action? I’m going to get really practical here, but I believe a lot of times God works and speaks in the practical. Here are just a few thoughts:

If I expect God to speak to me when I read my Bible, do I have a notebook or journal to write down what He shows me?

If I expect God’s presence to be at church during worship/message, does it change my mindset as I walk in?

If I expect God to help me be a better parent or spouse, do I consider (and apply) what the Bible says about these things? 

If I expect God to provide for me, do I live a life of generosity?

Isaiah 54:2-3 speaks of expectancy.

Enlarge your house, build an addition. Spread out your home and spare no expense, for you will soon be busting at the seams. (NLT)

So as you go through your day (week) ask yourself, “What am I God to do today?” Then ask yourself if that expectancy is leading to action.


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