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This summer, let's party like a family. Journey families will be hosting their own block parties all summer long, and you’re invited! Check out our Facebook Block Party Group HERE for more details on the whos, whens, and wheres, or bring our house to YOUR home by signing up to host a block party HERE!





Frequently Asked Questions



1.     What’s a block party and who can host one?

Anyone can host a block party, and you can host as many as you want! No limits to the fun. It’s just a casual gathering of people from your neighborhood, community, and/or social network. It can be a game night, a backyard BBQ, or a neighborhood party at the park!

2.    Where do I host a block party, and who do I invite?

Block parties can be hosted in your home, in your neighborhood, public park or pool! Invite your neighbors, co-workers, and friends. This is a great opportunity to reach the community around you!


3.    How do I invite people?

We have printed invitations you can hand out or a digital invite you can text out!

4.    When can I host a block party?

You can host a block party whenever it works best for you and the people you are connecting with this summer—day time pool party on the weekend or evening cookout during week!


5.    Where do I register?

Let us know where the party’s at so we can stock your house with custom cups, toys and even a few games. We can also help you promote your block party on our social! Our staff may even come crash your party, too! Sign up to host at

6.    What does Journey provide/what do I provide?

We have a variety of games that can be checked out for your party. Stop by Block Party Central (by the Connection Center at Journey Church) for all the goods!


7.    What are some food suggestions for my party?

There are so many great options—from appetizers, to everyone-bring-a-dish, to a full-out BBQ! A few of Robin’s favorite party foods: pulled pork sandwiches, hamburgers, and tacos!

8.   What are some activities I can do at my party?

We have a variety of games that can be checked out to use at your party, or you can provide your own! Depending on the type of party you want to host, you can keep it casual to just a social night of conversation and board games, to turning on the sprinklers for the kids, to fun game of corn hole in the backyard. For more ideas, visit Block Party Central in the lobby.


9.    How do I have a Journey Staff member come to my party?

Once you sign up to host a block party, we’ll communicate all the details with staff. Depending on availability, we will do our best to send a staff member or two to come “crash” your party!

10.   How do I spread the word about my party?

When you sign up your block party at, we’ll add it to our Facebook Group if you choose to make your event public. From there, you can share the event via our Facebook Group or post fun details and photos directly to the group yourself! You can also create a personal Facebook Group and share via your personal social media.






Screenshot our digital invite cards and use them to invite your friends and family to your block party! Send them as a text or put them up on your Facebook or Instagram stories to get the word out fast!

You're Invited!