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June 5, 2014

Pastor Clark Health Update

Journey Family,

Thank you so much for your prayers for Robin and I, and our family! We felt your support as we traveled to the Mayo Clinic and experienced the incredible place that it is! We even ran into some old friends and had a unique opportunity to encourage them on their journey!

While my tumors are still there, we came home with lots of knowledge and options for a bright future! Of course, with that knowledge comes great responsibility, too. Click below for a video update.

Now that it’s summer, I also want to give a shout out to some exciting things that we have going on just for our Journey family!

Come hang out for Sweet Sundays in the Park, at our very own JourneyChurch Park on Sunday evenings from 5:30 – 8:30 PM. We have music, games, sports, Life Group hangouts and then Cafe3.20 serves a dessert-of-the-week after the 6:00 PM worship experience! (this Sunday is fudge brownies!!) We also have a new opportunity for your family to win a family prize-of-the-week!  Post a family photo to facebook, instragram or twitter with the hashtag #JourneyFamily to be in the drawing for the next family prize! If you post a picture of your family taken at Sweet Sundays in the Park, your name will be in the drawing TWICE! Next week’s prize is a Cafe3.20 and moon-bounce block party!

Another hot topic is Creative Journey’s next album, REMIX. We want YOU to pick the songs that are recreated for the album by making pledges through our Kickstarter campaign. When you contribute, you get to vote for a song and your money goes to the recording and production costs of the record. Click here to contribute and checkout the other cool incentives like a free copy of the record, guitar or voice lessons, and even a block party that includes the Creative Journey Worship team and Cafe 3.20 showing up in your neighborhood! Don’t wait to buy the album in August because we need your help now to complete this project!

If you have kids in preschool and elementary school, make sure to grab a family night plan when you pickup your kiddos on Sunday. The plans are specifically for our study, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and they include tools for you to teach biblical principles at home in fun and creative ways. We know that summer is a different kind of busy, but busy none-the-less, so we hope some of these things are just what your family needs to spend valuable time together soaking up the sun and growing in faith. At JourneyChurch, we are making it One Sweet Summer!

I can’t wait to see you all on Sunday to continue teaching and learning more about our Father’s love for us as His children.




Written by Clark Mitchell