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June 30, 2013

Health Update - Healing

Journey Family, Your prayers and encouragement are making a huge difference! Pastor Clark is over a week into recovery and is doing great! As we all know, there are rough days and discomfort experienced during healing. He must wear a neck brace 24 hours a day to support the spine as it heals. Please continue to lift Pastor Clark as he walks through this process. We were excited to see Pastor Clark around the office a bit at the end of last week and support him as he spends the next few weeks resting, healing, and hearing from God about all the awesome things He has planned to accomplish through you and our church in the coming months! Pastor Clark is excited for us to hear from some of his friends from around the nation the next several weekends. They will continue our series on Biblical heroes and we hope to connect with you at one of our campuses or online. Remember, there are a few ways to support the Mitchell's:

  • Pray
  • Check for health updates
  • Share words of encouragement
  • Send gift cards for meals

Thank you again for the pouring of love and support. We are blessed to call our church our family! Have a great week, Lead Team