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July 9, 2013

Adventures in the Warehouse

Everyday in the Disaster Relief Warehouse is an adventure. There is still a huge need for food and basic supplies to those affected by the storms. But aside from the food and supplies, people come in for a listening ear and a warm hug. We know that every day can seem like an obstacle course as they try to rebuild their homes and lives. The volunteers who are there to love on them as they enter the building are amazing. They take the time (even in a 95 degree warehouse) to love on and listen to each family that enters the building.

We have seen many 'God-moments' throughout the last six weeks as volunteers took the time to love on each family. One of them being as simple as handing out one of the 'love letters' we have received. 'Love letters' are handmade cards that have been sent to us from all over the world with encouraging notes, scriptures, drawings that we hand out to the families that have been affected by the storms. A few weeks ago, one of our volunteers dug deep into a large box of assorted 'love letters' and handed the card to a family from Guana who had recently moved to Oklahoma and lost everything in the storms. The family opened the letter and started crying. The letter was written in their native language and had been mailed from a family in Guana! The family was overwhelmed and gave praise to God for caring so much about them in their time of need. They had felt so alone and hopeless after the storms and this letter from a family in Guana who was praying for them was exactly what they needed to give them hope!

Those are the kind of moments that we couldn't have planned even if we tried!
We all have the opportunity for God to show off in our every day lives. The key is to slow down long enough to see what He has in store for your day. He wants to use you in the little moments of life. I encourage you to slow down and anticipate God to show up and use you to bless someone today. They are the moments that give each one of us hope in a hurting world.

Written by Jennifer Krupa